How to carry UNION ARENA
in your store


Thank you for your interest in UNION ARENA!
If you're a store that's new to BANDAI card games, take these steps to start carrying UNION ARENA!

Step 1 : Purchase & Ordering

For retailers to purchase UNION ARENA, please contact the below official distributors.
Please note that UNION ARENA English is currently only available in North America.



United States of America
  • *Since products are manufactured in Japan, the order period is set approximately six months prior to the release date. Please contact your distributor for the actual order period.
  • *In order to provide a fair environment for players, we ask that retailers who purchase our products strictly adhere to release dates. Stores that fail to comply may have their future orders terminated.

Order Free Demo Decks

Each distributor has free demo decks available!
Get free demo decks from your distributor to start your own UNION ARENA community!

  • *Please note that availability of these items varies by distributor, and we cannot guarantee their provision.

There are no official rules or format for holding demo deck events, but please make sure to give each participant a demo deck set while supplies last.

Step 2 : Running Store Tournaments

Build your local UNION ARENA community through Store Tournaments, held at your store!
A Store Tournament is a casual event carried out at the store level.
Store Tournament Kits will be updated approximately once every 3 months to accompany main booster set releases.



Details coming soon

Interested in running Store Tournaments?

If you have an Organized Play space for 8 or more people, you can apply as a Brick and Mortar store to run tournament and receive promotional materials.
First, become a Corporate Member of TCG+ to apply for events.

For Corporate Members

Become a TCG+ member, then apply for the event within the application period, and purchase the Kit from your distributor.

BANDAI CARD GAME store events are encouraged to use the BANDAI TCG+ tournament tool for their store tournaments.
If a store uses an individual tool to register players and manage the event, please make sure to notify players via Push Notification within TCG+ or your own social media.

  • *Bandai is not responsible for any problems that may arise between players and stores.
  • *Each tournament may have a minimum number of Booster Boxes the store will need to purchase for the event. Please check the regulations when you register for TCG+ and place your order with the distributor of your choice.
  • *Purchase and delivery of the tournament kits will be made by your selected distributor. Bandai will not send the kits directly to you. Any inquiries regarding the status of Tournament Kits should be directed to your distributor.

UNION ARENA Store Decoration Set

To thank Local Game Stores who are interested in ordering UNION ARENA, we are excited to offer these promotional items free of charge starting from March 2024.

Important Notes:
  • *Priority in distributing these items is given to stores that applied for Demo Deck.
  • *Please contact your distributor for more information.
  • *Limited to brick-and-mortar stores.
  • *Available while supplies last.

Promotional Items

  • ・B3 size poster (6 kinds)
  • ・A2 size poster
  • ・Window cling
  • ・Pamphlets
  • ・Table tents
Store Decoration Details Store Decoration Details Store Decoration Details