June 28, 2024Producer’s Message vol.1

Check out the latest news of UNION ARENA English ver.

Greetings to all UNION ARENA fans!

Hello, I’m Akari Fujimoto, the producer for UNION ARENA English Ver.
First, thank you to everyone who is looking forward to the release for your support.

As mentioned in the Producer's Message video, the official release of UNION ARENA English Ver. is now only 3 months away.
The first product’s titles are BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War and HUNTER X HUNTER! I also love these titles so am very excited to release them to everyone!
The cards in each have gorgeous designs, and the abilities recreate the world of the series which fans are sure to enjoy so hope everyone is excited for the release.

As many of you may know UNION ARENA has already been available in Japan for more than a year now.
Currently in Japan it has become a popular trading card game!
For the English release the titles and order will be different from the release in Japan. The titles known in North America will be included so we hope friends or fellow card game players will get together and have fun talking about anime and manga as they play UNION ARENA.
We’d also like to mention that there may be changes made to the English release compared with the Japanese release when necessary to help ensure everyone can enjoy a pleasant game environment. We’d like those who learn the information from Japanese release to understand this and hope they enjoy knowing these changes. Our team will do our best to keep providing an enjoyable game environment, so thank you in advance for your continued support.

As also mentioned in the video, I’d like to share the event schedule.
First, UNION ARENA will be at the convention event, Anime Expo in July.
This will be a great chance to demo UNION ARENA so be sure to join in by visiting our booth for a trial session! We’ll also be giving away an exclusive promo card to everyone at the convention so be sure to stop by if you are there.
Members of the UNION ARENA development team will also be there and would love to hear your feedback!

Also starting from August 23rd various shops in North America will have UNION ARENA English Ver. Super Pre-release Events. Buy a Limited ver. Starter Deck at the store to participate and win special prizes. They will be rare items so don’t miss out!

In the next Producer's Message we plan to announce more titles that will be joining UNION ARENA English Ver.!
We’re doing our best to add the titles that you all love, so please look forward to the announcements!

See you next time!