UNION ARENA ブースターデッキ 鉄拳7

Awaken your fists of rage.<card>


Let’s Enjoy Playing

Each booster pack contains 8 cards.
The 4 types of Rarity includes [Common (C)], [Uncommon (U)],
[Rare (R)] and [Super Rare (SR)].
There are 100 types of playable cards and 6 types of extremely rare AP cards,
sealed randomly into each booster packs.
Additionally, this product contains Parallel Rare Cards!
Take your enjoyment for UNION ARENA to the next level by strengthening
your deck from your favourite series!

Mishima Clan Gather!!

Kazuya Mishima, Heihachi Mishima, Kazumi Mishima, Jin Kazama.
The Tekken Series’ Mishima Clan gathers.
Use their high BP to over power your opponents


UA13BT/TKN-1-091 SR

Kazuya Mishima

When played, if you retire one of your own characters, you will be able to retire one of your opponent’s characters. In addition, if you are able to gather more face down cards under this card, you will be about to attack with BP5000 with Double Damage

相性のいいカード 相性のいいカード

UA13BT/TKN-1-073 SR

Devil Jin

This character progressively gains stronger effects the more times it attacks. When attacking, you can rest other Characters on the front line to set this card to active and continue attacking.

相性のいいカード 相性のいいカード

UA13BT/TKN-1-027 SR

Lars Alexandersson

Apart from not being affected by BP reducing effects, this card possesses Double Block and Impact Cancel. Defend against your opponent’s attacks while using Impact to reduce your opponent’s life.

相性のいいカード 相性のいいカード

UA13BT/TKN-1-019 SR


Not only does playing this character allows you to add 1~2 cards to your hand, it also can reduce the BP of an opponent’s character every turn. Use your replenished hand to push the advantage against your opponents

相性のいいカード 相性のいいカード

UA13BT/TKN-1-062 SR

Heihachi Mishima

If there are 15 or more cards in your outside area, you may retire one of your opponent’s characters when this card is played.

相性のいいカード 相性のいいカード

UA13BT/TKN-1-039 SR

Asuka Kazama

This card has Impact and it also can force your opponent’s character’s to block

相性のいいカード 相性のいいカード


  • スタートデッキ
  • スリーブ



Release Date

October 27, 2023


  • ・Cards x 8


  • ・SR(Super Rare) : 12types
  • ・R (Rare) : 18types
  • ・U (Uncommon) : 35types
  • ・C (Common) : 35types
  • ・AP(Action Point) : 6types
  • *Parallel rare is included in this product.
  • *Card types are random.
  • *The illustration may differ somewhat from the final product.
  • *Product details may differ from the actual product.