Aug. 31, 2023Producer’s Message vol.2

To Everybody That Is Enjoying Union Arena

Hello all, I am the producer of UNION ARENA, Fukui. I would like to thank all of you for your support of UNION ARENA.

Four months have passed since the release, and the summer event season is quickly approaching.
We would like to express our gratitude towards all who have participated in MeetUp Events, Shop Battles, Struggle Battles and other shop activities.

Through these events, we have had the opportunity to gather valuable feedback from players which we will be reviewing for the continued development of the game.

For this edition of Producer’s Message, we will be talking about [Restricted Cards] and addressing your queries regarding the matter.

UNION ARENA [Restricted Cards]

In order to prevent any bias in the results of official events, we are planning to implement a [Restricted Card] List.
[Restricted Cards] shall be [limited to 1 copy per deck] for official events.

Regarding the current specific [Restricted Card], we have noticed that the [Red Ashford Academy Decks] of [CODE GEASS: Lelouch of the Rebellion] have consistently ranked high in events since it’s release.
If we determine that the deck needs restrictions, we will be restricting 1 to 2 cards of this trait.

In addition to reviewing data from past events, we plan to monitor the results of upcoming events for biases in usage rates as indicators.
Regarding the [Restricted Card], we will consider the need to restrict cards at any time so as to improve the balance of the game. Please take note that as new titles are added and the game continues to evolve, the restriction on these cards may be lifted.

Regarding the current round of restrictions, our timeline will be as follows.

Planned Announcement and Implementation Date
  • ・Has been Announced on Japanese official website page and official Twitter in 29 August .(English version will be released soon)
  • ・1 September – Implementation of Restricted Card List

We will continue to update you on upcoming game content and changes through Producer’s Message and announcements on our official Twitter. We will create a page about Restricted Card on the official website at a later date. Should there be any changes to the Restricted Card List, we will update you through our official Twitter.

Parting Words

UNION ARENA will continue to add various titles into the game. We hope when your favorite titles are added, you will get the cards, discuss strategies with your friends, collect them and play the game. Once you are used to the game, we hope that you will participate in official shop events and look forward to interacting with fellow fans of your favorite titles.

UNION ARENA will strive towards being a widely known and loved card game. We will continue to work hard for the future. We hope that you will look forward to future announcements while enjoying the card game!

Tomonori Fukui