June 07, 2023Producer’s Message vol.1

To Everybody That Is Enjoying Union Arena

Hello everyone, I am Fukui, the producer of Union Arena. Thank you for supporting Union Arena.

The objective of Union Arena is to allow every single player to enjoy playing the game through the usage of participating titles. I have witness players having fun conversations in shops as well as players having serious battles with one another. Making me feel very happy to have produced and released the Union Arena Card Game.

My Team and I have also gathered various suggestions from players and shop staffs through the use of social media, surveys and live response during physical events, and will put all these suggestions into consideration in the future.

Thus, I have written this Producer’s Letter in order to convey my thoughts and how things may develop in the near future.

Regarding entry of new players

During development, when we were thinking of [Union Arena] as a card game, we wanted it to be a game where everyone can play, while still having a certain depth with regards to the game’s rules.

As a result, we created this game with the elements of [Action Points] being used for play, as well as the [Front Line and Energy Line], adding the elements of movement with each player’s cards to encourage more strategic plays, making our game enjoyable for everyone.

I had also participated in the Teaching Sessions and played against many different players. Back then, hearing players say that [I thought it was complicated at first, but after actually playing the game, it was easy to understand and I enjoyed it very much] made me happy. However, there were also some players that also think that [It looks too difficult at first glance].

With that being said, as a developer, we would like to create this game in a way where most players will think: [Let me try it once].

Moving forward, we plan to host more of these events such as [Teaching Sessions] as a means to invoke the [Let me try it once] feeling into new players.

In the future, we would like more and more players to play the game as more and more titles are being introduced. We would be delighted if you could invite your friends to participate in events and enjoy the game together.

Changes to Product

As of April 2023, Union Arena booster packs are

1 box: 20 packs

We have received feedback from players where if players were to buy in whole boxes, the price point is steep and difficult to purchase.

Hence, we have decided to adjust the price after the June 2023 release.

1 box: 16 packs

We will make adjustments to the price of the boxes as well as the pulling rates of the cards, from June 2023 onwards.

Regarding BLEACH Thousand-Year Blood War

As announced before, [BLEACH Thousand-Year Blood War] that was originally scheduled to be released in May 2023 will be delayed indefinitely due to production reasons. The release date of the product will be announced as soon as it is decided.

Additionally, the booster packs for [BLEACH Thousand-Year Blood War] will be within the scope of the price adjustments.

1 box: 16 packs

We sincerely apologize to all the fans that have been looking forward to this product, and I urge you to wait until the release date is confirmed.

Regarding Future Titles and their Development

Many players are already looking forward to upcoming titles, as well updates to the titles that have already been released.

We are already making preparations, so will we announce the specifics of the development period and products at a later date when we are ready.

In the meantime, we hope you can enjoy the current boosters and titles and look forward to our report in the near future!

Parting Words

We thank you players again for your valuable opinions and feedback.

There are still many factors to work on and polish, and we will continue to take the feedback of everyone who is playing [Union Arena]. We hope you will purchase the new and upcoming entries as well, regardless of whether you are a TCG player or a fan of the series. We will work hard every day to create products where everyone can enjoy.

We hope to see you at the larger event.
Thank you for your support for Union Arena!

Tomonori Fukui