Feb. 28, 2024Producer’s Message vol.4

To Everybody That Is Enjoying UNION ARENA

Hello, I am Fukui, UNION ARENA Producer. I would like to thank all of you for your support of UNION ARENA.

In this Producer’s Message, we would like to talk about 「Restricted Cards」.

About Restricted Cards

「Allowing Players to play various titles」 is UNION ARENA’s first policy in terms of gameplay, in order to prevent significant bias in the results of official events, we set some cards that are included in decks as 「Restricted Cards」.

  • *「Restricted Cards」 will be added to the rules of official and sanctioned events as [cards limited to 1 copy in a deck].
  • *Judgment is made based on the win rate, event performance, usage rate, etc.

We are now considering the inclusion of cards with high usage rate in recent events from the deck that is more commonly known as 「Blue Sukuna」 from the title 「JUJUTSU KAISEN」.
If it is determined to be necessary, 1-2 types of cards used in this deck will be restricted.

Other that the data up to date, we also referenced the performance of the deck from the 「UNION ARENA -CHAMPIONSHIP2023- JAPAN FINAL」 on February 12, the 「UNION ARENA -CHAMPIONSHIP2023- WORLD FINAL」 on Saturday, March 2, we will also be referencing the performance and usage of the deck in the 「UNION ARENA -3on3-」 on Sunday, March 3.

Furthermore, moving forward, we plan to continue using 「Restricted Cards」 based on the results of the events.
Please note that restrictions may also be lifted due to new environments brought in by new participating titles and expansions in the future.

Scheduled Announcement and Implementation Date

Regarding these restrictions, we plan to announce and implement them based on the following schedule.

  • ・8 March 2024 announcement on the official website ・Official X. (Traditional Chinese version will be announced soon.)
  • ・22 March 2024: Implementation of Restrictions.

We will continue to inform all players of more details through Producer’s Messages and Official X in the future.
Moving forward, information about restricted cards will be released on the official website.

Parting Words

Thanks to everyone’s support, UNION ARENA will celebrate its first anniversary in March 2024.
On top of 「CHAMPIONSHIP」, we will also hold new events with special commemorative prizes like 「ONE BATTLE CUP」, UNION ARENA will continue to move forward in 2024!

We will be livestreaming the 「UNION ARENA -CHAMPIONSHIP2023- WORLD FINAL」 on March 2, 2024, and we also plan to make some special announcements. Please keep a lookout on our official X.
Please continue to enjoy UNION ARENA with your favorite decks and your friends and look forward to more information about new events and updates!

Tomonori Fukui