Feb. 28, 2024Producer’s Message vol.3

To Everybody That Is Enjoying UNION ARENA

Hello all, I am the producer of UNION ARENA, Fukui. I would like to thank all of you for your support of UNION ARENA.

UNION ARENA is also enjoyed by many fans overseas, not just Japan.
The 「Asia Final」 held in February 2024 has determined the representatives from each region, including China and other parts of Asia, that will compete in the 「World Final」.
Look forward to the moment when the very first UNION ARENA Champion is crowned!

This is the third Producer’s Message, and I would like to tell you what's in store for UNION ARENA’s products and events in the following year celebrating the first anniversary.

Regarding Events in 2024

During the 2024 season, we plan to continue holding the Championship qualifiers throughout various regions, Regional Finals, as well as the World Finals!

Of course, on top of official events, we also will be preparing other sanctioned events and commemorative items for all UNION ARENA fans.
We are currently working on it, so please stay tuned!

From March 2 to March 3 at the 「BANDAI CARD GAMES Fest23-24World Tour FINAL in JAPAN」, there will be a 「3on3」 team tournament for 200 teams, and a new event called 「ONE BATTLE CUP」 which players participate using each individual title.

  • ・Players that research various titles and aim for the top with the help of their friends.
  • ・Players who like to play against other players that like the same titles.

In UNION ARENA, we want to make it a card game where both types of players can enjoy.

Additionally, we are also considering new Shop Battle formats and prizes for all fans to enjoy after April.
Details will be revealed at the 「Bandai TCG Next Plan Announcement」 on January 19, 2024.

Regarding Products after March 2024

Changes in Specifications for 「Vol.2」 BOOSTER PACKS

Regarding the 「Vol.2」 Series launched in October 2023, in order to make it easier for casual players to build decks, we have increased the probability for pulling an SR in [1 Box of 12 Packs], for collectors, starting from November 2023, we have implemented the 「Serial No.! Limited AP」.

However, after reviewing the opinions received in the questionnaire, the lack of information in advance caused confusion.

Therefore, after evaluating the opinions of players and retail stores, we decided to change the specifications of the 「Vol.2」 series from March 2024, to the same as regular booster packs [1 Box 16 Packs].
In addition, the 「Serial No.! Limited AP」 will also be implemented for titles when possible.

Regarding the new 「STATER DECKS」 in 2024

Regarding the new starter decks, we received feedback that there is no reason to purchase it. Therefore, from March 2024, the specifications will be changed as follows.

  • ・Changes to the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).
  • ・Changes to the 「Shiny Rare AP」 included in the Starter Deck, and for the 2 SR cards included, 2 of the cards will have a special holographic finish (Cards with luxurious designs included!!).
  • ・The included playmat will be changed to the corresponding character designs (We will do our best to incorporate the design!!)
  • ・Newly included are R (Rare) Promotional Cards (Please make use of these to enhance your decks!)

About the R (Rare) Promotional Card Pack, it includes 4 cards (1 card of each type) with different attributes and colors.
They are cards with news text that can be used to enhance other types of decks.
In addition, all 4 cards are holographic with different artwork, making them good pieces for collection as well.

This has also been announced in the 「Bandai TCG Next Plan」.

Parting Words

During this first year, many products have been launched and many events have been held.
In order to develop products and services to satisfy the players, we will always evaluate the suggestions received from our questionnaires and events.
I would like to thank all our players for their support.

As UNION ARENA approaches its first anniversary, UNION ARENA’s popularity is gradually increasing not only in Japan, but all over the world.
We plan to reveal more information about new participating titles and expansions of existing products, so please continue to enjoy and play UNION ARENA with your friends and acquaintances.

Please continue to support UNION ARENA in 2024.

Tomonori Fukui